Cat Adoption

Thank you for coming to the Telluride Humane Society in your consideration of adopting a kitten or cat. Rescuing has never been more crucial than now.

We do daily updates and posts on Instagram, so please visit our page and that will give you the most current and real-time information on pets being rescued and available for adoption.

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MEET MARBLE & HER BROTHER, SLATE! These two kitten siblings literally are little miracles. Part of a total litter of 6 that were rescued with life threatening eye infections. All kittens were hospitalized and treated for these infections, and Marble and Slate sustained the worst of the infections. They are nothing short of lucky to still have their eyes, the infections were that bad. Both can see, but ulcers were on their eyeballs from the infections and Marble’s eyes remain cloudy. Both are so so loving and fun, please consider them for your forever home. If interested in meeting them, please contact us!
SLATE, male kitten
MARBLE, female kitten
Meet Lily! If you want the funnest little kitten around – this is your girl! She loves to be everywhere a human is, loves other kitties and loves to be playful with nearly everything – this is your fun buddy. She is adventurous and absolutely adorable in every way. About 8 wks old, she is still very tiny with a HUGE personality!

Contact us if you’d like to meet any of these kittens!